Catatan :
*Nama pengguna harus terdiri dari 6 hingga 15 karakter dan mengunakan alfabet.
*Kata sandi harus terdiri dari 8 hingga 25 karakter.
*Harap mengisi email dan nomor ponsel yang aktif untuk memudahkan perubahan password dan informasi promo.

Registration Guide at SJO777:

Here is a detailed guide for each column you must fill in when registering:

  • Username : This column allows you to define your unique identity on the site. This will be the name you use to log in and interact on the platform.
  • Password : You need to define a strong password to protect your account. Make sure to confirm your password in the second column to avoid typos.
  • Email : Your email address is used for important communications, because if one day you lose this account, the email address will be useful for the verification process.
  • Bank : These details are important for financial transactions. Enter the name of the bank you want to use for the deposit & withdrawal process. (Ex: BCA / BNI / DANA / OVO)
  • Phone number : Enter your active telephone number so that CS from SJO777 can contact you if there are problems or promos that are currently running at SJO777
  • Account name : These details are important for financial transactions. Enter the name of the bank owner used. This name must be the same as what appears on your bank book or e-wallet application so that the deposit and withdrawal process can run smoothly.
  • Account number : These details are important for financial transactions. Enter the account number as stated in your bank book/E-wallet profile.
  • Referral : If you were introduced to SJO777 by a friend or affiliate, you can enter their name or referral code here. This may give you and your referrals some special incentives. Leave this column blank if you have not been introduced by anyone to SJO777
  • Captcha : This is a security tool to ensure that you are a human and not a bot. You must fill in the numbers in this column according to the image next to it.
  • Agree to T&C : Make sure you are over 18 years old, have read, and accept the terms and conditions posted on this site, personal rules, and betting rules. If yes, check the small box by left-clicking on the box.
  • "REGISTER" button : After filling in all the information above, click this button to complete the registration process.

Happy! That way, your account has been successfully created. You are ready to enjoy various online slot games at SJO777. If you experience problems when registering, please contact our Customer Service for help!